Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Busy" weekend

Due to the weather, Justin being in RI, Erin being smitten with Matt, Sarah going home, and me not really wanting to work to see people much beyond that... I spent most of my weekend indoors. I don't feel bad, since it was crappy weather and I was in a sad/crappy mood all weekend. Also, the weather was miserable out.

But fear not, I did actually get stuff done. For example:

--Watched three movies (okay, bad first example)
--Bought food
--Worked on my next sweater (holla!)
--Cleaned my tub
--Made risotto (mmm)
--Made Cinnamon Buns (mmm)
--Washed my towels
--Took risotto to my parents house and had it and pork with them and Ashley (always a great time)

So that's a lot. Could have done more (like wash the floor) but the motivation just wasn't there. There's always this week.

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