Sunday, February 13, 2011


...Lewis the kitten! Lewis PizzaCat!

Ricky and I have known for awhile that we wanted a kitten. Alva, while great, doesn't really like us to play with him and seems content if we pretty much leave him alone. We tried to play catch with him, but he completely ignored us and swam away from the ball. Sigh, fish. Sigh.

We we decided that once we moved in together and if the landlord allowed it, we'd get a kitten in the wintertime. The landlord said yes, and Valentine's Day weekend seemed the perfect fit. We'd both be home all weekend, and then I would be home with him for five days straight due to gum surgery and President's Day. It was a plan.

After doing some research, we realized that mom cats are usually popping out babies in the wintertime, mainly just in the spring. But we went to the first shelter on our list hoping that there would be one. Sadly, no kittens. Only a few ornery adult cats.

My friend Trish tipped me off that there was a shelter in Salem (it's a shelter system called PALS. They're really great, I'd recommend working with them) that had five brothers for sale. We went there next, and found Lewis. There were only three boys left from the litter. From what the caretakers told me, mom was found in Lynn pregnant and a guy took care of her and her litter until they were all old enough to be adopted. Mom was, at this time, ready to be done with her babies, and was getting a lot of interested bids as well.

We then brought Lewis home we decided to keep him in our bedroom, as it was small and made kitten-proof. He took well to it, and has been very playful. So far he's liking to play ball, necktie, and run around. At night, much to our joy and surprise, he cuddled in with us and slept most of the night without any problems (one wake up at 3:45am to clean himself a little bit, then back to bed).

So look forward to Lewis stories and pictures up here as well!

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