Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thursday Eve Lunch

Mmmm... a ton of different flavors thrown onto a bagel...

Tomorrow I will be out of commission for eating a variety of things for a few weeks, because I am getting horrible, sad times gum surgery. I had the first round of it in December, but had to wait until now due to the limits of dental insurance. I decided that, on the eve of this surgery, I'd have one of my favorite things in the whole world before I'm unable to eat solid foods for a while. This would be the Everything Bagel.

My favorite Everything Bagel exists in two places in Salem. One is at Bagel World (this comes as no surprise). Recently, I think they've changed their recipe so the bagels are less salty. It's a nice touch.

The other is at Gulu Gulu. I have a feeling they don't make their own bagels, and I sadly don't know the origin of this bagel. But it is glorious. It has caraway seeds on it, and just the right amounts of garlic and onion.

Today's Everything Bagel comes from Espresso Royale Cafe, which is a great little coffee shop/cafe around the corner. What I like about this bagel is that it's a whole wheat everything bagel. I also get the impression they don't make their bagels themselves. I think, if I can remember correctly, they're made in Somerville.

So here I sit, enjoying my crusty, tasty, too-many-calories bagel, knowing that in 24 hours I'll be reduced to eating yogurt and pureed sweet potatoes.

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