Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I fear I'm becoming one of those people who only blogs about their cat

But this is such a handsome photo of the little guy, I can't resist myself. This is from this past weekend when we were hanging on the couch playing with his stuffed whale. Then he got tired and decided to cuddle for a bit and I took this photo.

Lewis has been settling in nicely. He's been crying less when we leave in the morning for work and enjoys running around when we're home, along with playing with the aforementioned whale. And so far, Alva hasn't been eaten by a kitten, so really... everyone wins.

I think I'll be posting things other than about kittens soon, don't you worry. There's knitting happening and events to attend and food to eat. But... let's be honest... between all that, probably cute pictures of kittens, too.

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Hotpants Shop said...


don't worry. You will find also other subjects to write about. But it is like that... kittens are sweet and take our heart and we like to write what is in our heart... because that are the important things for us. And thats why we write about kittens ;-)

... I should become a analyser :-)