Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finished Object!


Fair warning, this post will pretty much only be interesting to Crystal and Lyndsey, and other people who knit/like talking shop when it comes to knitting.

I finally got around to taking pictures of my latest sweater. I saw the pattern online and loved it. I wanted a sweater that was both warm when outdoors but also wasn't so heavy when I was at work, since my office can get pretty toasty. Given that it's short-sleeved, I thought it'd be a nice balance.

The yarn I used was Sirdar Eco Wool. It's the yarn they suggested for the actual sweater. I decided to just use that, since I found it for a deal online, it had good ratings, and I liked the oatmealy colors of it. I'd definitely use this brand again, since it knits up nicely, and is decently sturdy. The pattern book I got has other sweaters that call for this yarn, so I might peruse it, or check online to see if I can find other suggestions to knit with it.

I started the sweater this past Fall and finished it a few weeks ago. Despite the time it took, it was a fairly quick knit, since it's two squares, a turtleneck, and some ribbing on either side for "sleeves". I just kept picking it up and putting it down, and pretty much only knit on it at night while watching TV or a movie. I liked that it was an easy pattern, but also that the two different kinds of cables made it more interesting, especially since there was no shaping.

Because my frame is petite but my chest is... well, not, I went down a needle size but knit a size larger so it'd still have that bagginess but I wouldn't be swimming in the sweater. I'm very glad I did. It still has the drape I was looking for, but isn't a potato sack.

I've already worn it a few times and LOVE IT. It's very warm when waiting for the train and walking around Boston/Salem, but I don't feel like I'm sitting in a furnace when indoors. I wore it to work a few weeks ago while wearing my Hunter boots, and was told I looked very Scottish and that I was tending to my sheep. I'm taking this as a compliment, since it is from a British pattern book, and it was the feeling I was going for.

These are all pictures I've taken in my own house, but when Ricky and I go for our walk I'll see if he can take pictures of me in action wearing it, so it's not all me into a mirror with a camera hiding my face.

I'll leave you with an up close shot of the cables. I'll definitely use the diamond cable again, perhaps in a hat or a scarf, since I love how it turned out.

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Crystal said...

Very lovely! It looks great on you as well :)