Saturday, February 5, 2011

Quiet Saturday

Today's a quiet Saturday for me and Ricky. I'm doing a mountain of laundry and some research for something exciting coming our way (announcement coming soon!*) and Ricky's doing work. We're playing classical piano music, there are some candles lit. It's a very nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I was supposed to have the second half of my gum surgery on Thursday, but the doctor canceled last minute, so we find ourselves with a whole weekend wide open, without me being uncomfortable and on pain meds in bed. It was a very nice problem to have. We may scope out the museum down the street, or share a cheese plate at Gulu Gulu. Something low key.

Since I haven't blogged in about a week, I figure I'll also show you all what I've been up to since Thursday. I had been planning on being out of commission due to gum surgery for a few weeks, so I had stocked the house up with soft things to eat. When the doctor canceled Thursday afternoon, I found myself with a house filled with soft things with a short shelf life. Bananas and yogurt probably wouldn't keep for two weeks. Solution? Whip up a loaf of banana bread:

The bowl is from Erin for Christmas. I must say, it's pretty nice having pretty/nice bowls to mix in instead of the tupperware ones I've been sporting since graduating from college. I had a potato masher, but when I moved it went missing, so I've just been using a fork for light mashing these days. It did the trick.

The recipe calls for buttermilk, but since I didn't have any on hand, I used plain yogurt. It created a nice tang to the bread, and also a bit of denseness, but with that, it's extremely moist. It was very easy to whip up, and used up my slightly too ripe bananas.

I'm very happy with the results, and bread is far nicer to be eating to get nutrients that the protein shakes I should be drinking right now if I had had the surgery.

*I'm neither engaged nor pregnant. Less big news than that.

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