Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pretty apartment things: Crate and Barrel Edition

I've moved, and am slowly getting unpacked and settled. The kitchen is pretty much set and adorable. The bathroom is what it is. The office just needs a few added touches. The bedroom is pretty good. The living room needs help. Oh, and the porch will be adorable once I have plants.

I've been scanning the internet for new sheets and other cute items, as I think we're getting a bigger bed in a few months. I saw these sheets, from the love of my life Marimekko.

WANT. Unfortunately, I don't have a white bed, but I do have gray walls and hardwood floors. I like the idea of warmer tones for linen sheets... and not just having everything in my house be blue, brown, green, and charcoal gray.

I recently gave this plant pot to a friend for a bridal shower, but in blue. One of my plants needs a pot upgrade, and I'm thinking of getting it this green pot. Somewhat heavy, but sturdy and adorable. Granted, it is back in my color family, but ah well.

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