Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pretty apartment things: Anthropologie Edition

When I'm stressed, I like to dream decorate dream apartments for myself. And right now, we have the one-two punch of work stress (Commencement is coming up and a huge part of my job is to run the conferral part of it) and even more apartment stress (it seems the toilet of the people upstairs is leaking into my living room, and no one really seems all that concerned about the unsightly water stains on the ceiling but me)... I'm in overdrive.

Tonight I decided to take a trip to Anthropologie and look at pretty apartment things to unwind. Two things caught my fancy:

Item #1: Coralie Bed from Anthropologie.

If I were made of millions and had a nice enough apartment for a bed like this, I'd grab it in a second. I loved the shape and color of this bed frame.

Right now, my mattress is sitting on that metal frame you get when you buy said mattress. This is for mainly practical reasons: I rent, I move frequently, and I'm probably going to upgrade to a queen in the future so I didn't want to waste money on a frame. But someday I will own a pretty vintage bed like this, and have pretty sheets on it.

I know that I tend to gravitate towards brown, blue, and green, but in my dream apartment/real life I'm trying to find different ways to get color into my life. So I could see myself doing a bedroom in colors like oranges and reds with this, or even purples and yellows.

Also, I probably can't maintain that many decorative pillows in my own life, but how wonderful do those look?? Don't you want to just curl up on that bed for hours on end with tea or knitting and relax? Gahhh so lovely. I'm now picturing it with a pretty sheet pattern, a kitten, and balls of lush yarn in pretty heathered tones.

And then for the second piece of imaginative furniture that I can't afford or have the room for...

Item #2: Astrid Chair from Anthropologie.

Oh you, you lovely chair. How you taunt me with your prettiness and expensiveness. (almost 2 grand for a chair?!?) At first I wasn't crazy about it on its own, then I saw it in a room and I liked it a lot more. The reviews also say it's very comfortable, which is nice to know.

The shape of it reminds me of a pink chair I had in my old Salem apartment that is currently hanging out in my parents' garage (hopefully not rotting since I'll need it again in the future!) and I love that oh so very vintage feel the high back and low arms give it. The fabric is also very darling. I'd have clothing and hand bags made out of this fabric in a heart beat.

Unlike the bed above, I also kind of dig the styling of this photo. The warm red pops compared to the cool blues and greens of the lamp and wallpaper.

Right now my couch (in my head) will be a chocolate brown and my throw pillows are blue and cream, but I wouldn't mind having a bright red chair in a cool blue/brown and neutral color room. Good to keep in mind.

Tune in over the next two weeks for other editions of "Pretty apartment things", feature stores like Crate and Barrel, Ikea, and "found on craigslist"!

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