Friday, April 9, 2010

Call Maker Update

"Do you love me?" "Eh..."

Also a quick note that Gin and Jews was discussed on TBTL this past Wednesday as part of the Call Makers segment. Very exciting to get that call, and Ricky enjoyed listening to the segment as well. Hopefully Gin and Jews will spread to the West Coast.

Luke did bring up the issue that it might be slightly insensitive to have a theme night called Gin and Jews, which is fair. I'm happy to report, though, that the in studio guest that day, Deborah of Neptune Coffee, gave me the thumb's up. She also gave some recomendations for future musical/cocktail evenings. (so for that, I think if you're in Seattle you should only get your coffee from Neptune Coffee).

Unfortunately at the end I sound like a space cadet since I couldn't hear Luke over Skype anymore and there was a 9-alarm fire going on down the street from me. You can hear it here. (the date of the show is Wed, April 7)


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