Friday, April 9, 2010

On the prowl for a patio

I'm just a girl, looking for a little patio to call my own...

The weather is getting nicer, and unlike the last two years in Salem, I don't have a porch to call my own. For the last two years, I had a private porch where I grew all my herbs and flowers, and at night I could sip drinks and read on while watching the sunset. (I know I know... "boo hoo I don't have a porch!")

So I think this year will be my hunt for a porch or patio to sip drinks on on warm nights and enjoy the Summer. I caught this bug a few weeks ago at Great Scott in Allston with my friend Dave. After a trying day at our respective jobs, we decided we needed to drink a beer while sitting on patio furniture. It was lovely. Newbury St dining also keeps luring me in during lunch, but I don't have the funds and time to keep that lifestyle up.

There are a few candidates for my patio. Unfortunately, my first choice in a patio (Edgewater Cafe) has closed down. Here are the candidates with pros and cons, in no particular order:

Gulu Gulu Cafe, Salem
Pros: Good food and imported beers. Can listen to the bands playing indoors. Open all day long, so I can have breakfast on a "patio". Short walk from where I live. Near Modern Millie's, for post-breakfast consignment shopping.
Cons: Service is slow. It's not really a patio, inasmuch as it's a chained off section of sidewalk.

Rockefellas, Salem
Pros: Big area for sitting. Big drink menu that's decently priced. Also close to where I live.
Cons: I feel like the scene here is more for moms who are out with their girlfriends and left their kids and husbands at home. Again, not really a patio, more of a chained off area of sidewalk.

Tavern In the Square (TITS), Salem
Pros: A burger stuffed with bacon and blue cheese. Big drinks for not that much money. Waffle fries. Also down the street from where I live. Open until 11pm. More of a formal patio than other places. Pithy nickname.
Cons: LOUD. Could be very crowded, as it's the first summer of patio-living. Kind of chain-y. A burger stuffed with bacon and blue cheese (I'm in a wedding in August, can't be tempted too much!)

Murphy's, Salem
Pros: Dirt cheap. Wing nights, burger nights. Tucked away and fenced in from the street.
Cons: I hear if you don't get there early enough, there's a cover. Every night I've been there, it's been a bit "yah dude!"

Right now, there's no clear winner. Are there any other patios in Salem I should check out? Should I just live on Newbury St after hours and go broke? Or should I go to Gloucester every night and just hit up Madfish?


Kristen said...

Lobster Shanty! They have live music out there during the summer, and the drinks are cheap enough you can hang for a while. Also, dog-lovers will like the fact that they have added a "doggie" menu this year.

Adriatic will be opening in the old Edgewater space, which has outdoor seating, too. looking forward to checking them out.

G said...

Not necessarily recommending it, but Beer Works has outdoor seating.

The deck at Finz is nice, and the food and drinks are good. Raw bar!

Capts. has outdoor seating, but I went there once and wouldn't go back.

Victoria Station has an outdoor patio as well.

Landry said...

I can't believe I forgot the Lobster Shanty!! I love that place. I'll add it to the Part 2 I'll inevitably be writing.