Monday, September 28, 2009

I have been knitting

Ohhhh have I been knitting.

I have a lot of projects and gifts for people to finish. Right now, the count is at:

9 baby hats
2 lace scarves
1 wool scarf
something secret for Ricky


But, in spite of this, I wanted to finish up my "2009 Scarf". Every year I make myself a scarf. Last year was my long striped one, which I will still live in, since I love it. But this year, I wanted something a bit more subtle and with my new yarn love, Noro. I found a bunch of those Noro striped scarves online, but the colors were a bit much for me. So I decided to use the self-striping Kuryeon and match it with the solid and understated Cascade 220 in a gray. The result?

Is pretty awesome.

I wore the scarf while visiting friends in Portsmouth and while Ricky and I were picking apples in Ipswich. It's very warm and didn't scratch. While making it I was worried that I was losing too much of the colors, but in the sunlight the effect is exactly what I wanted.

So in short, I LOVE THIS SCARF.

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