Thursday, September 3, 2009

In TBTL Call Maker heaven

We'll remember almost two months ago when I experienced what I dubbed Call Maker Sadness. I received the call, and botched it when I thought "who would be calling me at 11:30pm on a Wednesday?" and sent it to Voicemail.

Well last night, I was redeemed. I was in bed when I see I'm getting a call at11:30 at night. I ask Ricky if he thought I should pick up, and he said go for it...

...and yes...


It was a glorious 8 1/2 minute conversation about songs to play at wedding receptions. It was all very surreal and out of body. I think my voice is too high and a little pitchy, but I think I held my own pretty well. I'm also now on the website with The Zombies song I'm a fan of, and so others can provide other suggestions. Hoorah!

And yes, I am about 100% sure I'll be making a "RAWR!" sign and taking pictures of it at the wedding.

And here's the song I love and will have on the CD/will be featured heavily at my wedding.

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