Wednesday, September 16, 2009

9-12-09: Lesley gets married!

Let's start with the most recent (and most fun) and work our way backwards.

So last Saturday, I returned to my little playtown to see one of my oldest friends get married. I was very touched and honored to get an invite. It was a sweet and charming ceremony in the oh so beautiful Rockport Golf Club. Then there was some chicken to be eaten and some dancing to be done.

Oh and did I mention my best friend from elementary school was there out of the blue?! Freaking. AWESOME.

Here are some pics from me and from the professional photographer's site. PS, if I ever get married, I'm calling her.

Here are some of mine from the ceremony and the reception dance-off.

Announcing the new married couple.

Me and Les

My favorite dancing shot of the evening.

And here are some from the professional photographer, who is amazing.


And then it seems she came back the day after to do some shots with Lesley and Todd, because their wedding was at night and it was pouring and gross out, whereas the next day was beautiful and sunny. So the rest of the album on her site is made up of the two of them being cute all around Rockport. This was my favorite of those shots.

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