Monday, July 27, 2009

If that's moving up, then I'm moving out

Yep, that'd be eight.

The summer is winding down, and many of my friends seem to be moving this year. I know of at least two other people (not counting me) who are either trying to find apartments or are getting ready to move.

As stated in prior posts, I am moving from my apartment for two years. I looked at two today, and hopefully one of them will work out. Keep your fingers crossed that I will move from the outskirts of Salem (read: a little too close to Lynn) to downtown Salem (read: dealing with drunk tourists for the month of October).

Before packing, I am doing a preliminary clean. Tonight alone, I have filled two trash bags and two good will bags. And I've only just begun. Because I haven't moved in two years, I've let things collect. I was just on the phone with my friend Kristen, where she also lamented the fact that she has a closet that will be a nightmare whenever she moves.

When going through a "bathroom and first aid" storage thing, I realized one thing: I have a lot of duplicates of stuff. This is partially my fault, but also the fault of my family. My stepmother has given me Bath and Body Works kits for many holidays. Friends also give me body washes and hand creams. Apparently my skin is thirsting for moisture. I also have a lot of journals and soaps and card sets. The card sets I'll be able to use (and hopefully more often now that I know I have so many) but the journals... well, I'll get creative.

The bigger issue is that I have supermarket amnesia, I realize. I go to a supermarket and then blank on what I have and do not have at my house. So I found multiples of the following items:

--bobby pins
--band aids

The worst offense is when I found FIVE THINGS OF DEODORANT. I will admit, sometimes a certain brand just doesn't do the trick, but of those five, THREE of them are the exact. Same. Brand. And. Style. What?! How do I forget two times that I don't have deodorant, or possibly even twice that the brands aren't good?!

Is the secret to moving buying lots of deodorant in bulk? I just don't know...

I'm looking forward to a whole month of purging and preparing. I also need to decide which pieces of furniture are "nice to have" and which are "can go back to my parents' garage". But I'll need to find out where I'm living first, I suppose.

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