Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hot Pants for long weekends in NYC

I adore this girl.

I am quite excited for Friday.

One of my dearest friends, Jess, is getting ready for a whirlwind, several-country adventure in the fall with her boyfriend, Ross. So before she's out making adventures in Africa and Europe, I am taking a three-day weekend to go visit her in NYC. I'll be taking the train down on Friday, and then who knows where the weekend will take us. I've heard rumor of kittens, ukuleles, lots of wine, and a BBQ.

I'm also looking forward to a this trip after some very stressful and busy weeks of work. What I really need is to get away from Boston for a few days and all the Boston people, have a change of pace and scenery, then return back refreshed.

It's funny, I've already started doing laundry for this trip, and I am preparing to pack lots of scarves and sundresses, but not sure what else. So my priorities are sundresses and scarves, but not necessarily things like pajamas or toiletries.

Photos and stories to be shared, of course.