Monday, July 13, 2009

"Curse their Yankee candy!"

I am a huge NPR nerd, and I love listening to the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me podcast on Monday mornings while running weekly reports.

This week, the singer/rocker Neko Case was the guest, and she is a delight. An absolute delight. She's charming and smart and well-spoken. She talked about her farm in Vermont, her music, and buying pianos on ebay.

Her subject for Not My Job was Necco Candy (a play on her first name, obviously) and... wow, she just sparkled. She was hilarious, and after the first question which was about The Civil War, she took on a persona of a Civil War soldier when talking about Necco Candy the entire time. It was hilarious, and everyone was in stitches. They also referenced Ken Burns and Hard Tack.

Click on the link for Neko Case to listen to the show. Definitely worth it and awesome. It makes me like her more as an artist and a person, because she's just so down to earth and sweet and cool. And makes fun of the Civil War.

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Anonymous said...

i wonder where in VT her farm is and if she lives in that barn up the road from my grandmother.