Saturday, December 27, 2008


Well, I've done it again. I've survived another marathon of a holiday.

I think I've mentioned this before, but what they don't tell you when your mom and dad divorce is that every major holiday expands. Or rather, every family-oriented holiday expands. Thanksgiving turned into three, as did Christmas. I'm looking forward to MLK Jr. Day, as that'll be spent by my lonesome. While I do love my family, by the time holiday #3 rolls around, I am beat.

Christmas Eve brought the dysfunctional at my dad's. Lots of awkward conversations, medium-tasty food, and all that. Great to see my cousin Amanda, though. Brianna, my... well, I guess stepsister, was in true form.

Then back to my mom and Leo's for Christmas. Christmas morning was very nice and relaxing. Then we all headed to the Gorrell/Flory compound in the afternoon. Very fun, but also busy. The Cousins got a Wii, which lead to my mom Wii boxing... which is HILARIOUS. I'll be posting photos of that soon. All the cousins are good and doing well. We also had our crazy DVD Yankee Swap. I brought Persepolis and came back with Elf. So not bad.

Boxing Day was a day of rest. At night I went out with some high school friends and went to a bar... which turned into High School Reunion. Saw tons of people I haven't seen in ages, which was both good and bad. Also ran into Beeman friends, which was surreal but also good. Last time I saw many of them I was 9... and now we're all 24/25 and drinking together. So that was good.

Today was Jegs Family Christmas, which was a lot of activity and energy for a few hours, and then they all leave. So again, quite busy and all over. Then Mom, Leo, and I relaxed at night, which was MUCH needed. Phew!

So I made it through all Christmases. Sunday I hope to check out that yarn store in Gloucester, meet up with more friends for dinner, and get ready for the work day.

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