Monday, December 22, 2008


So Dustin let me run in the middle of the day to the Northshore Mall to try and get a gift card. Sadly, that resulted in an epic fail, since everyone else had a similar idea and so the traffic was horrific. I did get a lot of shopping done at Newbury Comics, though. I was able to knock off the rest of Erin, the twins, and The Miches. Part of me was telling myself "just make them things and save money" but then I realized that the time for that was months ago. I think next year will be more of a homemade Christmas.

All of this does not result in the craziness. No, that involves a random run-in I had with a high school classmate. I was wandering around trying to think what to get Danielle when I looked up and there was a girl I went to high school with and her baby. It was bizarre. She looked, first off, FANTASTIC for having a 4-month-old baby. I was a little jealous, as I've seen the women in my family, and it will not be pretty if I ever get to that point.

We then did the "what are you up to?" and "who do you still talk to?" stuff. And the whole time I'm thinking this:

Wow! WOW! I went to high school with this girl, and at the time we had a ton in common... but now, almost 7 years later, our lives have diverged greatly. She has been married for 5 years, has a baby, and a house, and all that. I can't keep a boyfriend for more than 3 months, but have a good job, a Bachelor's Degree from a very good college, an active social life, and live in a city on my own (relatively speaking). Neither one is right or wrong, but just so different.

It's also odd to think that we're that old that all these things make sense for both of us. Just crazy.

But yes. Great to see her, but also left me thinking "how is it that my high school classmates are married with kids?! Wasn't I in high school like five minutes ago??"

I will say, I kind of can't wait for Christmas to be over, since all this purchasing and gearing up always stresses me out. It's one of my least favorite holidays, since it's so based on commercialism and stuff. I wish there was less focus on that, and more on family and what this day means. Alas... I'm sounding a little bit like Linus right now.

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