Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 in Review

Let me sum up the year, in bullet points as only I can.

--2008, despite a lot of mud in my face, was a Year of Landry. Yeah, not everything went as planned, but seriously... what does? I learned a lot about myself, dated some interesting people, learned so much about who my true friends are, and did a shit ton of traveling. So while the Justin thing was awful, and I feel in a rut about my job... I'd chock this one up as a win.

--I really like traveling. I went to Nashville, St. Louis, Cleveland, and will be ending the year in Maine. And they were all awesome. It's pricey, and takes a lot out of you, but I say go traveling.

--I got a lot of great CDs. Arcade Fire, Yael Naim, Sigor Ros, Santogold, Ludo, and probably tomorrow I'll be getting Fleet Foxes, MGMT, and Belle and Sebastian. That being said...

--...not nearly enough movies! Wall-E, Dark Knight, and Iron Man top my list. Also big props to Persepolis. But yeah, nothing's left me blown away so far. Hoping to catch a ton in January.

--I love my apartment. Roommate switch up in the middle, but that just proved to me how much I love my apartment, and that Salem is pretty cool for now.

--Erin is the best friend and travel partner ever. We spent a week together traveling for Tim's wedding, and she's helped me out through a ton of stuff this year. It goes both ways, obviously. But she's the sister from another mister I've been looking for. Same goes to Aimee, Shana, and Jess.

--I will be spending the next 10 years at weddings. Two this past summer, and two already on the horizon. Eeeesh it's a good thing I have several cocktail dresses.

--I have great work friends. The Bay/Zumi's crowd is awesome. I am lucky.

--NEVER DATE MUSICIANS. No explanation needed.

Predictions for 2009? Jess thinks it'll be even more awesome. I have to agree with her. I have a feeling there's some awesome in the wind.

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