Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogger Guilt

From Thanksgiving to now, it's been bat shit crazy! And I keep thinking "man, I should post something", but then I'm so tired or sick of looking at a computer monitor, that I don't want to. So I don't.

Well, it's already the middle of December! What have I been up to?

Training, training, training!
As part of my job, I need to learn more about other databases and interfaces. I have absolutely no clue how and when this will come into play, but I've been living in conference rooms many hours a day for the last two weeks. Fortunately the two people who are getting trained in this full time are awesome and really nice and my age. We all agreed today that we're glad we're in this together. I'll be glad when next Monday comes, since I won't have as many meetings to take up my time.

I also found out I will be learning a new analysis/coding language next year as part of my job. It'll be good to learn this, since it'll look amazing on my resume. I'm worried about time stuff, but I'll figure that out later. And maybe when I have no time, they'll actually take some things off of my plate!

I definitely think my job is still a catch all for all the stuff in the department no one wants to do, but I'm realizing that this will not change, so I need to make it change for myself.

Roommate Sarah is dating someone?!
It's true. Sarah has a gent. His name is Matt. He's good people.

As for me...
Still single, so it's not like I've been busy in THAT realm of my personal life.

General whining about my other friends being busy
The inner posse is, pretty much, all in happy relationships, so they haven't been around much. Which is annoying, since I've been spending a lot of time by myself as a result, or as a third wheel. Trying hard not to get down because of it, or to keep myself busy and active. It's hard, but I soldier on.

Craft fair = BIG success
I'll post pictures soon, but w00t!

Is it Christmas yet?
No, better yet... is it NYE yet???

Yep, that's all.

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