Monday, July 19, 2010

Update on the bike hunt from a few summers ago

Is he pleased with the bike, or in awe that he has a white probably fake Christmas tree? We'll never know.

I believe it was last summer, I blogged about how I was on the hunt to find a bike to ride around Salem and be in better shape and more green. Despite some craziness getting in the way (moving... buying my car... moving again... a million weddings...) I have still been keeping my eye out for this purchase.

This past weekend, I got Martha Stewart Living's August 2010 issue. I like MSL a lot, because while most of the articles aren't big on substance, it packs a visual punch. There are many days where I just want to unwind and look at a spread about a Clam Bake in Nantucket, or how best to incorporate stripes into your living room. This issue included articles about collecting vintage bottles, desserts that don't involve the oven, and how to show off your succulent garden. So lots of pretty, but not a lot of hard reading. Anyways, in this issue there was an article all about how vintage-style bikes are making a comeback and are being produced by classic companies again, like Schwinn and Raleigh. To boot, it was photographed by the Hipstamatic iPhone app. Anyways, it was a great little article, and whilte reading it, I found the bike I now have my eyes on:

The 2010 Schwinn Jenny.

I love that this has those classic lines and colors that I've been hunting for, and a place to put a bike bag in the back, but that Schwinn updated it with enough gears to handle city roads. It seems to only come in that yellow color, but I'm okay with that. (at least it's bright so people would see me!)

I could definitely see myself riding this to visit people in Beverly, going to Crosby's for quick groceries, and even to Forrest River Park for some Bagel World. At around $400, I was equally pleased with the price.

At this rate and at this point in the season, I probably wouldn't get this until perhaps the fall or next winter I'd look at the 2011 model or get the 2010 for last season prices, but we'll see.

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Crystal said...

Ooooer, it's cute! I want a bike too, but haven't even bothered looking yet. At some point I will!