Thursday, July 15, 2010

10 days!

This past year, I did what many friends have told me to do for years and started watching Mad Men. Holy crap, that tv show is made of awesome. Love it. I'm dying to see what happens in Season 4, since so much shit went down at the end of Season 3. (I won't say what for those of you who haven't caught up or what have you)

Anyways, I saw a friend of mine (the very talented musician Brian E. King of Oranjuly) Mad Men-ized himself this morning. I took some time and did it for myself as well. So here I am, just hanging with the boys in the office. No big deal.

And an up close on my City Loving-Gal face:

A nice way to waste a few minutes, and if you watch the show, the sets and accessories are clever and fun to use. You can make your own Mad Men here.

I also took a minute and made a Ricky. Note that the accessories are a lot more fun for the girls than the guys.

Ricky came home and made his own Mad Men. This is how he envisions himself in a board meeting... guns a-blazing and Metro West section a-reading.

And an up close version. Ricky's version looks more accurate, albeit a bit more smug... but that may be because he has a gun. Hard to tell.

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