Friday, July 30, 2010

Portland: The Green Elephant

I figured I'd start my reviews now. I had today off, but the rest of the week has been a bit busy.

Ricky and I knew that we wanted to enjoy seafood by the water for dinner, but that we were slightly hungry now and wanted a snack to tie us over until dinner. On the suggestion of Anne the innkeeper, we checked out Green Elephant, an all vegan/vegetarian restaurant on Congress St on your way towards Old Port.

Green Elephant has a nice, bright feel to it. A bright green accent wall with dark painted silverware was on one side, and opposite from it was a lightly painted brick wall. Clean looking chalkboards were displayed to show daily specials and what was on tap. The floors and furniture were also light. This may the whole restaurant appear quite clean.

We went at an off time (possibly 2, I think?) and I was surprised at the amount of people there. We sat by the brick wall and split an order of Vegetarian Springrolls. Ricky had some coffee and I had some tea. They make their own blends of tea, so I was excited to check it out.

The springrolls hit the spot. A little oily, but crisp and flavorful throughout. They came with a nice soy dipping sauce. The portion was large (we each got two springrolls), which also helped us walk around until a later dinner. The appetizer was also seasoned nicely and didn't come across as bland or tasting like the same thing (which is often the case with springrolls, in my opinion).

Ricky really enjoyed his coffee, but that may also be because he needs coffee daily to function as a human being. The tea was nice. I got a green tea, that was subtle and nothing too fancy about it. Just a plain, but satisfying, green tea.

Service was nice, efficient, and punctual. Pricing was reasonable. For all the food we got, the snack and two drinks were until $10. The rest of the menu seems reasonable and to also have an Asian flare to it.

Next stop: J's Oyster!

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