Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The newest member of the Coppola family

A face that will melt hearts all over the land...

Last weekend, we got a new cat. Her name is Nic Cage. Or Nicole. Or Nicki. Or Little Coppola. My brothers named her.

She's 2.1 and a rescue cat from the Methuen area. Very cute but also very feisty. Definitely a nice addition to the family. Millie doesn't know what to think, but I think she's getting used to her.

I met her Saturday, and she is a delight. Spunky, but also a snuggle bug. And she's named after a Coppola, so you know she's awesome.

Expect many stories of the new cat as the years progress.

Also, I call this photo "streeeetch". It's a little blurry, but gets the point across.

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