Monday, March 29, 2010

The balcony is *not* closed

Over the weekend, Ricky showed me Roger Ebert's blog post about At the Movies being canceled, but that in spite of this, he and his wife are still moving forward for their own Syndicated film review program.

It was a great blog article, and showed Ebert's passion for the program and movies all over again. He does not blame anyone involved in the current version of the show for the cancelation, but rather what television is morphing into. He's not deterred, though, and has many new ideas with how to get film criticism, news, and passion to the masses. I'll be eagerly awaiting this new show.

I've always been a big fan of Ebert's writing, and in light of his cancer battles that has rendered him voiceless, it soars even more. His movie reviews -- albeit possibly kinder -- are elegant and thoughtful. Even his twitter account is always impressive reading in 140 characters or less. I'd also recommend finding the Esquire interview with him that was published a month or so ago, great reading that left me misty.

And so in closing, I leave you with my first introduction to Ebert and At The Movies, the Sesame Street parody that left Ebert and the late Gene Siskel battling it out about fairy tales after Oscar introduces the idea of a Thumbs Sideways.

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