Monday, March 8, 2010

Cool Tattoo Alert

Today, while walking to the T to go home, I saw a girl walking towards the college with a very cool tattoo on her arm. It was on her right forearm, and it in black ink the British slogan "Keep Calm and Carry On", crown and all. It was created on the dawn of WWII, but never used.

I've always liked that slogan and find it interesting that it was rediscovered and used over 60 years later. I also think in many ways it sums up the reserve and mindset of the Brits.

The tattoo was a good size, and the simplicity of it gave it punch. It was a statement and drew the eye to it without a full sleeve of color and design.

Etsy also has a lot of shirts with this logo on it, and I'm debating springing for my own or as a gift for others in the future.

If only a student of mine will come in with a Le Petit Prince or Tin Tin tattoo, then my European-loving ways will be complete.

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