Thursday, January 28, 2010

Where have I been?

I spent more time at this bench in Forrest River Park than I did being a blogger... my b.

Yes yes, I thought I was starting the year so strong by posting a lot and outlining goals and blah blah blah... then last week was crazy at work, and I disappeared. My bad.
I'll update you on some things in the last week:

--I played bocce in Forrest River park, which was awesome. Reminds me a bit of golf since we went through a course. A great workout.
--Began sewing project #2.
--Finished lace scarf #1, started lace scarf #2.
--Finishing tan sweater (yeah... THAT tan sweater)
--Bowled and it went really well.
--Danced up a storm at my old company's work party.
--PLAYED BEATLES ROCK BAND (thoughts in a later post).
--Had long but good discussions with my boyfriend about us and life.

Oh, and I found an amazing coffee shop near my work.

So... yeah! I've been busy...

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