Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sweets for the Sweet

Kristen's tea and cupcakes, aka lunch.

Old pal/former roommate/fellow lover of Google ads Kristen and I trekked to Harvard Square to try Sweet, the new-ish cupcake shop. It's conveniently next to Tealuxe, so we managed to turn it into a tea and cupcake day.

Sweet just recently opened a new location in Harvard Sq, and there's one in Back Bay. I was a fan of the Harvard Square space, with its retro wallpaper and cleanliness. I was also a fan of the variety of cupcake flavors, and that they were all well-stocked on a busy Saturday afternoon. I was worried that some popular flavors would be out due to the Head of the Charles, but they kept all flavors in the display case.

Sweet has a menu of regulars -- from the classic chocolate and red velvet to the unique cappuccino -- and a seasonal menu feature apple and pumpkin-inspired choices. Kristen and I decided to each get two. Kristen, the chocolate cranberry and pumpkin pie, and I went with s'mores and apple pie. I have a feeling I will be making a trip back for the molasses ginger, caramel apple, and chocolate orange in the near future.

Sweet does not disappoint. I find sometimes cupcake stores tend to produce dry cupcakes (cupcake store in Rockport) or have too much frosting (Kick Ass Cupcakes can sometimes be victim to both of these sins) but Sweet managed to temper both nicely. The dome of frosting on both of my cupcakes was not too sweet, and was sufficient so that each bite of cake had some frosting. The cakes were both flavorful and moist.

Each of my cupcakes had a pleasant surprise of a filling inside. The s'more opens to reveal a base of crushed graham cracker, and the apple pie has a center of apple jam filling. Both were treats. Kristen was also very pleased with her selections, reporting a cranberry filling inside the chocolate cranberry, and a base of crushed graham cracker at the bottom of the pumpkin pie. She even joked that her former cupcake was like Thanksgiving.

Sweet seems to have full-sized cakes, but the decorations appeared clumsy and sophomoric at best, so I would recommend sticking with the cupcakes. There were deals for buying multiples, and options to order ahead for catering.

All in all, Sweet was a pleasant treat on a brisk day, and one that Kristen and I will probably make in the future at either location.

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