Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I don't usually talk about girly things like shoes, but...

Last night, when I was feeling a little sad and frustrated with the week, a work project, and a large population of my friends, I decided to browse Anthropologie online for some "museum experience retail therapy". Basically, I look at pretty things I could buy, but since I can't, I just look and don't touch. Anyways, I stumbled upon these bad larrys:

HOW BEAUTIFUL ARE THOSE? I love the subtle pattern, the buckle on the toe, and how it looks with opaque tights. I could see myself rocking those with a gray dress and purple tights, or my cream skirt. Basically, just like the model:

Sadly, I can't afford them right now, and I'm not sure I could even walk on that high of a heel, but I spent some time picturing which skirts and dresses I could wear them with. I also love green and own too much of it, and purple has a soft spot in my heart.

Maybe in November, when things calm down and I don't spend all my free time going to weddings, I might splurge for them, as they are so pretty... but we'll see.


Swingin' Round the Polestar said...

ooh! i love those so so much. i could totally see you in them!

in other news, i would like your new mailing address, as i seem to have lost it! i want to send you postcards!

xoxo jess

Landry said...

I think once I get a little extra cash flowing in, I might splurge for them. I've been really good for months now... and every girl needs a fun heel.

And I would love love love to get postcards from your adventures! I'll email it to you.