Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekend plans

The Food Network version of an egg sandwich.  Mine are simpler...
After a quiet thoughtful day yesterday, Ricky and I are back at it and planning to have a nice little (albeit busy) weekend.  It's nice, though, because now that Weddingocaplyse 2011 is over, there's a significant rise in flexibility with our time.  Today is a friend's 30th birthday, but during the day I think we're going to walk around Marblehead and poke around in shops and get coffee.  It's funny, it's right next door but we almost never go there unless forced.  I'm wondering why.

Right now, though, we're enjoying a newly forming weekend tradition of egg sandwiches and coffee while watching tv.  We did this the last few weekends, and it's almost better than going out to breakfast.  When I was single/lived alone, egg sandwiches were a regular meal staple.  So there's something sweet about having them now together.  Reclaiming egg sandwiches, as it were.

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