Tuesday, December 28, 2010

THE Christmas gift

It's mine! All mine!

Christmas Eve morning, Ricky and I exchanged gifts. It's far easier to do that than to try and fit it in with all of our families. And we can leisurely enjoy the whole morning together, and do things like make breakfast and just relax. Ricky loved all of his gifts and then I opened my last one...

...and it was a KitchenAid Mixer.

I almost started to cry with joy, I was so happy. As you know, I've been dreaming of one for eons, but have never gotten it for myself because they're a little pricey and it's hard to justify it when you already have a hand mixer. And it's a Cornflower Blue. So pretty and it works like a dream! I'm a grown up now!

Ricky decided to go with the blue because it was the prettiest, but also subtle enough. Some of the other nice colors were a bit too loud and "HEY LOOK AT ME I'M A MIXER IN A KITCHEN!" which I think was the correct approach. And he had it sneakily shipped to his parents' house so I wouldn't see it. I was very surprised and pleased. I plan on using it later on today to make cookies.

To the right, you'll see it stationary, being pretty. And below, here it is in action, making a meringue top for a pie I made for Christmas day.

It was so nice to just put in the ingredients and hit the setting and not have to manually make meringue! It works like a dream. I see myself using it a lot...as in probably weekly. It's so wonderful. Best Christmas gift ever!!

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