Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stocking Update

Earlier I had mentioned that I was trying to find cute/nice stockings to hang on my couch with care. All the stockings I came across were either:

a) too expensive
b) not crazy about the fabric choice
c) tacky

Then Ricky came across simple plain felt stockings in Target for $1 each with bric-a-brac trim. This is, literally, what I was looking for. I will admit, I was eying a different stocking at the time, along with recovering from gum surgery, so I was pretty cranky. Ricky suggested we should get these stockings and then get puff paint from AC Moore and decorate them while watching Christmas movies.

This ended up being the perfect plan.

Ricky's stocking in progress: Ricky dressed up as Santa, with some presents and snowflakes.

That night, we watched Scrooged (who doesn't love Robert Goulet's Cajun Christmas?) and decorated them. Ricky made his, and I made one for me and one for Alva.

I think they came out nicely. They were quick to whip up as well. The quality of the felt itself is pretty cheap/thin, but they will do the job. We also dated our stockings so that if we did this every year, we could see the histories of our stockings. Mine is just a snowman with a tree, and Alva is one of him wearing a Santa hat. We also got foam snowflakes to add some flair to the stockings as well.

Here's an up close shot of Alva on his stocking. It's very orange in real life, but taking pictures with the flash on proved more difficult than hoped, because all I could see was the shine of the puff paint.

And in case you were wondering, yes we did get things for Alva for "Santa" to put in his stocking. Him living over 2 months already is enough to put him on the nice list for life.

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