Tuesday, December 22, 2009


My mom is my source of Public Media news, as she has her finger on the pulse of the goings-on of that area of the world. Case in point: she broke the news to me of Mr. Rogers dying in college and Carl Kassell retiring a few weeks ago.

When I came into work this morning, she informed me that Alaina Reed-Amini had passed away at age 63 of breast cancer. People roughly my age will remember her as Gordon's sister Olivia on Sesame Street. Definitely loved her on that show... and not gonna lie, if I ever have a child named Olivia in my future she will be about 72% named after this character.

So it's been real, Alaina. Here are some videos for you. The first is her signing Sing with Linda on Sesame Street:

And the second is her singing with David on Sesame Street about... well, singing. So kind of meta.

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