Saturday, September 24, 2011

Life's like a movie, write your own ending

As the Google homepage showed us this morning, it's Jim Henson's 75th Birthday! It's crazy to think that he only would have been 75. I also wonder what else he would have created, had he not died so young. Given his full body of work in only about 30 years, I imagine it would have been quite prolific.

There's this amazing PBS Documentary I recommend you check out called The World of Jim Henson. I bought it in college on VHS because they never printed it on DVD, but I think it's on YouTube in pieces. It's really impressive, and shows a lot of his older work, like Sam and Friends and his commercials.

It really is a very Muppety year for me. At my surprise 27th birthday in April, we watched The Muppets Take Manhattan, it's Jim Henson's 75th birthday, I bought The Green Album, and the new Muppets movie is coming out in November. Huzzah!

Some of my favs:

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