Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Arcade Fire Album!!!

I love Arcade Fire. They may be a top 5 band of the 2000's, if not of all for me. I want to see them in concert live. Their songwriting, layering, and orchestrations are so beautiful, deep, and lush. I also like that they take their time to release albums and make sure they're good and not just half ass an album every year to make a couple of bucks.

Well, Arcade Fire fans all around know that their new album The Suburbs dropped this week. I streamed it on Monday from NPR, and was not disappointed. Not as good as Funeral, but better than Neon Bible. Then again, I also love Neon Bible, so this is not a slight in any way. The first song grabs me, and has been haunting me all week. I've heard it compared to a Ray Davies album, where he has an intro song to establish a theme, multiple songs in the middle that explore that theme (the suburbs, ennui, teenage angst, loss), and then a final song that acts as Coda to close the album and theme. This is quite accurate.

I'll be buying my hard copy of the CD either today or tomorrow (I like having hard copies of albums I really like) and listening to it the rest of the weekend. In the meantime, here's the opening track (also titled The Suburbs) for you to enjoy. GO GET THIS CD!

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