Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sasha Obama might be the cutest kid ever

Yeah, I think even if my dad (or Leo, as he's the same age as Obama) were being sworn in, and I was 7, I'd get a little bored by the procession of dignitaries walking in if I had no clue who they were. 24-year-old me, however, got excited by seeing Dan Quayle for the first time since 1992.

This is just so adorable. She looks very excited and happy, and while you can't see President Obama's face, you know he's beaming.

I've done this in public. This girl and I could hang out and have a good time, as I found this hilarious. I'd even teach her jazz hands.

Again, freaking adorable. PS, J Crew coats and accessories on the kids and J Crew accessories on First Lady Obama? Loves it. Especially since I also have a J Crew coat. We shop at the same place!

Thumbs up to this entire family. So freaking adorable.

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