Thursday, January 17, 2013

Busy little bee.

2013 is already proving to be crazy busy.  My weekends are filling up with social obligations.  I have a wedding to plan.  We've had family sadness, though in the midst of that it was good to see family and feel a sense of closeness with them.  The school semester is starting in a matter of days and I hope I am ready for it.  We have plans to travel in the coming months.  I feel like my 2013 is already getting booked and we're only 17 days in!

I am sticking with my goals quite well.  The running has taken a back seat to the start of the semester, but when the days get lighter and things calm down, I will be running my little butt off. 

I've only had coffee ONCE since I started, and that was the day I had to go to my step-grandmother's funeral and I knew it'd be a long day.  This goal has been an easy one to kick.  Next year might be harder, as 2014 is going to be the year of kicking caffeine.

The vegetables are also going well.  Some days are a struggle to find a vegetable I ate so I'll try to make sure to have some carrots.  I think once the semester starts I'll be able to find time to eat healthily again.  We've been roasting a lot of brussel sprouts lately, which I love.  I also have a pinterest board of plenty of tasty vegetable entrees to cook up this winter.

The sweater.  That hasn't started yet.  I think I'll be working on it this Monday when I'm at home watching the Inauguration.  I need to find where I left off and my pattern directions again so I can pick it up.  What's annoying is that I am quite close to being done, and yet I keep putting it off with Christmas knits and a cowl for me.

As mentioned, the beginning of the year there was some sadness.  My stepgrandmother passed away suddenly.  We were heartbroken, as she was very kind and loving.  It was the first family loss Ricky and I experienced, and it's hard to think that she won't be at the wedding, just a mention in a program and a "oh Fran would have loved this!"  It was nice to see the cousins on all sides of the family, and I was glad to be there for all of my family.  January has proven to be sad and with loss two years in a row.

Wedding planning is going well, but no real plans to discuss or cool crafts to show off.  I think we're getting closer to bridesmaid wear, flowers, and food.  You know, the things people will talk about the next day when they're rehashing.

Reading for 50/50 is going really well.  I'll post more books soon to review.

That's it, really.  Just a life update for the three people who read this.

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