Wednesday, May 16, 2012

MFT Day 30: The WFNX of my childhood-end of college

Today marks a sad day in Boston.  Word broke this morning that WFNX has been sold to Clear Channel, likely to be butcher for parts and play Top 40 crap.  With this news, so ends an era of independent and alternative music to Boston.  Unfortunately, I feared this conclusion years ago when WBCN also fell.

I find it fitting and perhaps ironic that I got this news sitting with friends at my work's staff appreciation day.   I was at an event celebrating music and new talents when I heard that a station that championed that for the area has fallen.

I have to admit, I haven't listened to them as much in recent years.  I now travel to work via train, so my time in a car is quite limited.  But today, I'm thinking of the WFNX of my past days.  (the station started the year before I was born, so I've always had WFNX in my life)

--I'm remembering being driven to Beeman and listening to Morning Guy Tai and Henry.  I'm remembering pretty much only listening to this station in the car with my mom.

--I'm remembering names like Julie Kramer, Boy Troy, Neal Robert, which were used as frequently in our house as aunts and uncles.

--I'm remembering driving around with Jess and Christa in high school and being obsessed with not only the station, but the music they championed.  (It makes sense that Jess broke the news to me and I to Christa)

--I'm remembering getting excited to go home on college break to listen to the station, and buying the CDs I heard on break.

--I'm remembering seeing Beck in 2000 and trying to email Julie Kramer to get back stage tickets (we failed at this).

--I'm remembering driving over an hour one way to my first real job out of college, and listening to The Sandbox in the morning and Keith Dakin on the way home.  Those two shows made that year of commuting tolerable.  This station also made commuting to Worcester for a summer tolerable.

--I'm remembering the free shows at the Hatch Shell, like They Might Be Giants and Cake.

--I'm remembering all the music.  If I listed it all, I'd run out of room, so I found a video below.

So I thank you for everything, WFNX.  My music tastes are richer because of you.  I'm sad it all had to end this way, but it did give me an opportunity to look back at a life of music and memories today.

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