Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Making my apartment prettier, one minor art project at a time

I needed a bit of a hiatus after posting (mostly) every day for a month.  It's tiring!

I wanted to share a neat project I just completed to make my apartment look a little nicer.  Ricky and I don't have a headboard, mainly because we want to wait and get a real bed once we have a house/upgrade to a Queen mattress.  In the meantime, I wanted to make something to give our bed a bit more substance.

A while ago, I received a postcard from my friend Kirsten.  It was the Penguin Books cover of The Garden Party, by Katherine Mansfield.  I've always loved the look of Penguin Books, and asked where she got the postcard.  It turns out there's a postcard set that sells 100 popular Penguin Books covers as postcards for quite cheap.  I purchased it, and decided to make collages of the book covers and frame it to make a cool "headboard".

Ricky made one and I made the other.  We went through all the covers and "claimed" which ones we wanted to use.  They were either books that meant a lot of us personally, or book covers that looked neat.  I bought two posters and two frames, along with some rubber cement.  We lined them up, glued them to the poster, and then framed the posters. 

I really liked how it turned out.  The colors are varied, but because they were all made by the same publishing company, the colors work well together and look similar enough.   We're going to try to hang them later in the week, and after that, I'll take more photos of it.

I can't stress enough at how easy this project is.  We have extra postcards, so we're going to make one for the living with just the titles (i.e., no covers with actual artwork on it, just the plain books) over the winter.  I'll take photos of that, too.

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Michnya said...

This is pretty cool. I may steal this idea from you.