Friday, June 4, 2010

I enjoy a tasty holiday

Any holiday where I get free food is a-okay in my book.

Readers of the blog High Heels Short Skirt were tipped off this morning that today is National Doughnut Day and that Dunkin Donuts is giving out free doughnuts with every drink purchased. The internet tells me that Krispy Kreme is also celebrating this holiday, for my parts of New England that aren't Massachusetts, Midwest, and Canadian brethren. The internet also tells me that the king of doughnuts -- Tim Hortons -- is also celebrating this.

First off, I had no idea there was a National Doughnut Day, but that is awesome and I fully support this holiday. Second off, obviously I was going to celebrate it.

I went to my local Dunkin Donuts (residents: the sketchy 24-hour one across the street from the post office) and got an iced French Vanilla with cream and sugar and a Spring Fling. The Spring Fling is essentially a party on a doughnut. Airy cake, strawberry frosting (my feelings on this frosting ebb and flow like the tide, right now we're cool), and sprinkles. It is a party. A delicious doughnut party.

Here is said iced coffee and said doughnut enjoying some sun in downtown Salem on Front Street before being consumed.

Three cheers for National Doughnut Day!!

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