Monday, May 24, 2010

So long, farewell!

(I'm not going anywhere when it comes to writing this blog, never you fear)

As I'm sure everyone knows, last night was the season finale of Lost. I've tried several times to get into that show, and try as I might, I just can't. I read how the show ended, and I will not say how it ended... but really, JJ? It definitely had a huge cultural effect on our society, and will go down as one of the big shows of the 2000s.

Yesterday, Ricky and I spent some time remembering other great TV show finales over tea at Jaho. Some of our favorites were:

Newhart: It turns out Newhart was just a dream of Bob Newhart's character from The Bob Newhart Show. Wakes up in bed saying he just had the craziest dream about this weird little Vermont town where nothing made sense, and who turns over to tell him to go back to sleep but... Suzanne Plechette, his wife on The Bob Newhart Show. A - wait for it -mazing.

ER: I will say that this show went down in quality in the last few years (basically when Dr. Green died, in my book) but on a day when a lot of shit went down, an ambulance pulls up, and all the doctors spring to action. I loved this mainly because at a hospital, and especially this one, it's not going to end. Life will go on for these doctors, and there'll be years of drama for years to come. We just won't be there to see it. Life goes on in Chicago.

MASH: The war ends, and everyone goes home, and the whole episode has that strong feeling that these characters will probably never see each other again. This was, for me at least, hard to swallow, since they've been through so much. BJ and Hawkeye voice what we're all thinking, then that memorable aerial shot of "good bye" written out in stones.

Seinfeld: Neither of us really liked this one, it felt contrived and very cheesey. We both agreed they should have gone the ER route, since it should have been a finale about nothing.

Freaks and Geeks: We both freaking love this show, and thought it was cut short. We loved the following: the freak winds up playing D&D with the geeks, and they kind of meld into one; Nick and Lindsey have that moment of realization that they will never end up together; and then, that final moment with Lindsey and Kim. Over the sweet and simple song Ripple. Makes me cry so hard.

The Wonder Years: Kevin doesn't end up with Winnie, and his dad dies young. *sobs*

St. Elsewhere: This is a long joke between me and my friend Erin, that everything is just the daydreams of an Autistic child. Weird, way out in left field, but pretty awesome.

Quantum Leap: It turns out Dr. Sam Beckett is dead and has been dead all along, and his leaping is kind of like heaven/purgatory and that he can never leap home again. (dead all along? Gee, that sounds familiar...)

Six Feet Under: Showing how everyone dies? And that Claire lives a long, full life? Well played.

The Sopranos: Any show where Leo swears that the cable went out at the worst moment and we all freak out, then go "...ohhhh well played" when the credits roll is a-okay in my book.

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